Did you know that online click-through rates increasing by up to 125% when the photos have been taken professionally?


Professional photography is one of the most important marketing tools available to make a property stand out and ensure a quick sale for the best price.

If you have a property to sell then you will obviously stand a much greater chance with the highest quality photographs to show on your website. With most buyers looking at sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, and with new online estate agents like Tepilo, having great photos is a must. 

We use only the best cameras, lenses and photographic equipment and shoot all of the images in RAW format which then gives us complete control over any enhancement with our Photoshop and Lightroom editing software.

If you are an Estate Agent and wish to use our services on a regular basis we can offer a generous discount on a monthly basis. 

  1. Your property will look at it's best with a professional photographer and stand out from the competition.

  2. Estate Agents sell houses - they are not Photographers!

  3. You can market your business/property as using a dedicated "professional property photographer".

  4. More interest in your properties which means a potential higher final sale value.

  5. Buyers are more motivated with stunning photos.

  6. Amazing photographs will help Estate Agents sell more properties.

  7. A quick image turnaround time - usually under 48 hours!

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Estate Agents

Photography Training for Estate Agents

Master property photography like a pro

Why not have us train your staff with our Property Photography workshop at either your offices or a studio. Ideally we recommended 1 to 4 people but larger groups can be accommodated for. In our 1 day workshop.


You will learn about the equipment needed together with the best settings on your camera, lenses and how to take stunning shots. We will even show you how to produce fantastic image enhancements with software.